Why booking a trip with Minoan Lines is the perfect Valentine's gift


Another year another infinite quest to find the perfect Valentine's gift for your other half. How about you drop the chocolate bonbons and get on with planning a trip to Greece?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you are bored of the heart-shaped truffles, the red roses and the fluffy teddy bears promising eternal love, here's our suggestion: offer your other half an unforgettable time away, together!

Plan your ideal trip ahead of time and book your romantic vacation to Greece with the best rate. Afterall booking holidays in advance comes with a lot of benefits.

Romance does not necessarily need a special occasion. Summer is an idyllic period to visit Greece. The sun will be shining, the weather is hot and you can indulge yourself and your loved one with vacation near the beach. Imagine your toes being dipped into the warm golden sun, diving in clear turquoise waters and sunbathing under the welcoming Greek sun. Does this compare to... chocolates?

So this year, on Valentine's day, make a difference! Offer your loved one an unforgettable experience and steal his/her heart forever.

Need some inspiration? Below are a few ideas to explore mainland Greece or the islands and plan a beautiful getaway with your loved one with Minoan Lines. Besides, travelling with Minoan Lines is an extraordinary experience!

  • Crete is a perfect destination, all year roundRomantic sunsets, paradise-like beaches, picturesque villages heartwarming food... evertything your heart desires can be found there.
  • Island hopping in the Cyclades. Imagine walking hand in hand in the Caldera in Santorini, giving a kiss under the white mills in Mykonos, strolling along the white alleys in Paros or celebrating your love in Ios. The Cyclades offer unforgettable experiences for lovebirds like you.
  • Are you looking for a city break? Explore Athens in 48 hours and its idyllic sceneries and fall in love with the city that (almost) never sleeps.
  • A bike tour of the Ionian islandsJust you two, your bike and some amazing scenery that will steal your hearts.
  • A road trip around the Peloponnese. Can you think of anything more exciting and romantic than this?