Island hopping in Cyclades: the ultimate experience!


Why visit one when you can visit many? Visit Santorini, Mykonos, Paros and Ios at once during your stay in Greece. Just hop on and off Minoan Lines' Santorini Palace.

Island hopping is a unique experience, as it gives you the freedom to visit more than one islands during your stay. The Cycladic complex is ideal for island hopping as most of the islands are connected via the same itinerary and we can guarantee you that you will travel there with safety and ease with the Santorini Palace highspeed.

Organizing your trip will be easy as you can make your booking with only a few steps via the award-winning Minoan Lines Booking Engine, as soon as the 2019 itineraries are available. 

Now that we crossed off your list the boring part, let us help you get an idea of how your experience will be hopping on and off Greece's most worshipped island destinations. 


Santorini, every year, is among the world's most beautiful destinations. You will realise why, upon arrival.
Its bespoke scenery, where the volcanic roughness blends in nicely with the romantic colors of the sunset, the picturesque villages where the minimal Cycladic architecture meets the rough volcanic soil, the unique beaches, with the black and red pebbles that are one of a kind, and its delicious gastronomy, enchant every visitor that sets foot on this majestic island.


Caldera view, Fira, Santorini

Hopping off the island of Santorini you will get the chance to admire the wonderful view from the Caldera and take some Instagram worthy pictures. Take a stroll at the world famous Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and of course Oia and get carried away by the beautiful scenery and by Santorini's gourmet cuisine, that includes fava, capers and cherry tomatoes.

What is more, Santorini has some hidden gems worth exploring. Find out more about the unknown side of Santorini and get the most out of your visit.


Next stop... Mykonoooos. The party island! Although, you will be surprised to know that Mykonos is also ideal for family vacations.

In the morning until the afternoon, you will find yourself diving into the most amazing waters or sunbathing on golden sandy beaches. The options are plenty since this small island has 23 beaches!In the evening, you will find your self strolling along Chora, which is located close to the old port of Mykonos. The luxurious shops, the gourmet restaurants, the traditional taverns, the bars and the nightclubs will seduce you in the aura of the island that never sleeps. Don't miss the chance to indulge yourself to some fine dining when you are there and try some local specialities such as louza, kopanisti and almond sweets. Also, a picture by the windmills is a memory you'll want to carry with you back home. And don't forget, Mykonos has also a very romantic, picture-worthy sunset.

Find out more on what to see and do in Mykonos and plan the most amazing experience.



Paros is a destination for everyone! Contrary to Mykonos, that is dry in most parts, Paros is more colorful. Bougainvillaeasin bloom, eucalyptus trees laying over whitewashed yards, small alleyways and white buildings, built with the famous Parian marble that was used to sculpt masterpieces like the Venus of Milos, are among the things that will make you fall in love with this island.

Also, the beaches in Paros will not disappoint. You can find both organized and more isolated beaches to enjoy your swim. When you feel hungry you can visit Paroikia or the renowned fishing village of Naoussa or even some of its charming and scenic villages, to try some local food recipes with fish, such as gouna, and local meat. We suggest that you accompany your meal souma, Paros’ traditional alcoholic beverage.


Naoussa village, Paros

Finally, before you set sail for the next island, Paros offers a... bonus. You can hop on the ferry and visit the island of Antiparos, which is just 30 minutes away and explore this little gem. Antiparos is also very popular by night.

Find out more about Paros, here.


Ios, or «Nios» as the locals call it, is the Cycladic island with two faces: one of fun and one of culture! It is a very popular destination for young people because of the nightlife, but also for families, who choose it because of its unique landscapes, its enchanting beaches and the various activities that one may enjoy there.

The Choraof Ios is built amphitheatrically, offering some of the most amazing views and some of the island's hot spots to try local specialities like skotyri, melitinia nad watermelon fritters.

Discover Ios and everything it has to offer, here.


Chora of Ios

So, what are you waiting for? Hop to it- the ultimate summer experience awaits.

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