Crete: The perfect destination, all year round


If you thought Crete is perfect only during summer, think again. The experiences Crete offers all year round are plenty and they can satisfy even the savviest travellers.

Crete, being the largest island in Greece, offers plenty of possibilities for perfect holidays, alone, with your other half, with family or with friends. Just choose the season that is right for you and let the beauty of this island unravel before your eyes.

Winter for unique holidays and adventure

We know you might be hesitant to leave a cold country to visit another country where the winter is also heavy. Due to Crete's geographical location, the climate during the winter months is, mostly, gentle. There might be snow on the mountain tops, giving you the chance to enjoy some winter sports, but the cold will never stop you from exploring the island.

If you are looking for an opportunity to visit Crete during the winter, then the Christmas holidays are perfect. The towns and villages are decorated to the season and the locals perform some yearly Christmas traditions that are unique to this island. Among the things you'll experience are the reenactment of the holy manger in Agios Giannis cave in Chania and Santa Claus diving in the Cretaquarium tanks, offering an unmissable show. Also, the Christmas village in the Omalos plateau will definitely get you in the mood for the holidays.


Source: cretaquarium.gr

Apart from the holidays, visiting Crete during winter would mean exploring its picturesque villages located in the mountains, doing some hiking or trekking and last but not least visiting museumspopular attractions and archaeological sites. If you are the adventurous type you can also enjoy some off-road routes in snakelike roads, that will take your breath away.


Winter is also a great opportunity for you to try Crete's traditional dishes such as kalitsunia, staka, local meats and pies.

Spring for large walks in nature

Did you know 2000 different kinds of plants grow in CreteThe bloomed fields with their vibrant colors complement the deep blue of the sky and sea and create the most amazing ambiance. You will definitely be carried away! You can explore nature in all its glory by car or by foot, following paths, like the E4 European path that goes through Crete, from the West to the East.


Ε4 European path, Agia Roumeli, Chania

If you are travelling with kids, two activities you don't want to miss are a visit at theDinosauria Park, to meet some amazing dinosaurs and at the Labyrinth Park, where you can be part of Crete's legendary history.


Also, the climate of Crete being mild as mentioned above gives you the opportunity to spend your days at the beach and start your summer vacations early.

Now, if you are more of a cultural buff, then you might want to visit Crete during the Carnival or the Orthodox Easter, where you will see timely traditions being recaptured before your eyes.

Summer for tan lines, salty hair and swimming

Summer in Crete surpasses every imagination, for both young and older travellers. Swimming in lagoons and deserted beaches, after walking through canyons, sitting under cedar trees and palm trees and having a coastline that extends to 1,046 km right under your feet, are some of the things you'll get to experience during your summer holidays in Crete.


Kedrodasos, Chania

In addition to swimming, you can enjoy water sports and diving.

The temperature in Crete during the Summer is quite high, so we recommend that you spend your day at the beach. Later on, the possibilities for pictures under the romantic colours of the sunset, food and entertainment are infinite.


Autumn for combining summer and winter activities

Autumn is ideal if you want to combine summer with winter activities. Temperatures range around 20ºC, so you can comfortably enjoy your swim or get closer to nature. During that time, the locals carry out various agricultural tasks, such as the picking of the olives, the pressing of the grapes etc., to which you can also participate.


For wine connoisseurs, this is a great season for a wine tasting session at a local vineyard or even your hotel. The Traditional Cottages "Eleonas", where you can enjoy a special discount for your stay with your Bonus Club card, offers such an experience.

Finally, a tradition you cannot miss during Autumn is the "rakokazano", where people gather around the cauldron in which the raki -traditional Cretan alcoholic beverage- boils and turn this chore into the most magnificent feast!