Booking holidays in advance: What's the benefit?


Trips are full of new experiences. They help us escape our everyday routine, clear our minds and let go. Thus, it is very logical to dream about them all year round.

Like the trip to Greece that is on your bucket list for so long. Sandy beaches, hot weather, delicious food, and the famous Greek hospitality that will make you keep coming back for more. All this can become a reality in 2019!

So, why keep postponing your next trip, when you can book it early and benefit from it in several ways? One of them being that you will get the chance to book your trip with a major discount.

The 4 benefits of booking early

1. It saves you from worrying.

Imagine you would have to think about your upcoming vacation till the last minute. How would that make you feel? And what would happen if you didn’t manage to book the trip you wanted for so long?

Planning your upcoming trips in advance gives you the advantage to not only be worry-free, but to also start organizing your trip: where to eat, what to see, what to pack etc. Besides, that is also part of travelling!


2. It saves you from getting bored.

When you plan ahead, you’ll have something to look forward to. Time will fly, as you are trying to collect as many information you can about the destination you have planned to visit. And before you know it, you will be ready to board.

All the above won’t be possible if you don’t book early!

3. It saves you from lowering your standards.

Another advantage early bookers have is that the sooner you book the more options you get. This applies both for tickets and accommodation.

Let’s say you are travelling to Greece during summer, which is a high season. By booking early you ‘ll have the chance to book the whole trip how you want it without having to compromise.

Don’t forget that the trip is also important when travelling. So, why not make the most out of it and travel in comfort?

You’ll just have to make up your mind early and start booking!

4. It saves you money.

Finally, the habit of early booking saves you money when planning your holidays. How? By benefiting from early booking offers.

Usually, these offers apply for tickets, accommodation, rentals etc. and help you save big on your trips. Plus, the money you saved can be used towards your trip or put aside for another, upcoming trip. Just think about it!


When you finish booking your tickets via our award-winning e-booking engine- it will only take you a few minutes- you can go on and look for similar deals on accommodation and sights you are planning to visit. Minoan Lines’ Bonus Club members also benefit from exclusive deals on certain accommodations and popular sights. Have a look and register today.

Finally, planning a trip depends on several factors. But the early booking has several benefits, so it’s always a good idea to keep in mind. Besides, travelling with Minoan Lines is an extraordinary experience, so why wait? 

Bon voyage!