5 Best Places to Visit in the Peloponnese


The Peloponnese is the most popular holiday destination in the Greek mainland. Since you are travelling by car, find below 5 places you should definitely visit!

Located on the southern side of Greece, Peloponnese is a rather popular summer destination because it has it all: natural beauty, archaeological sites, lovely beaches, picturesque villages and plenty of activities for all kinds of travellers. Either you are travelling with a camper van or by car we suggest you go on a road trip around the Peloponnese to see for yourself what makes this destination so unique!

Find below the top 5 places one should visit in the Peloponnese and if you don't have the time to visit them all, you can always come back. Our Greece - Italy itineraries run non-stop all year round! 

1. Mycenae

The land where the Mycenean civilization, one of the world's most important civilizations, operated and thrived will fascinate you.


Some of the most important monuments onsite are the Cyclopean walls, that were built by giants according to Greek mythology, the imposing Lions Gate, a sign of the Mycenean Palace's grandeur and power, Agamemnon's golden mask and the Treasury of Atreus. Also, in the Archaeological Museum of Mycenae, you will get the chance to learn more about the life, the activities and the customs of this rich civilization that dominated one of the most prominent periods in the history of Ancient Greece.


2. Nafplion

Known as the Napoli of the Romans, Nafplion is described as the most idyllic towns in Argolis. Follow the narrow streets that will lead you to elegant buildings with unique architecture, chic shops, traditional and trendy restaurants and cafes. For a more spectacular view visit the Palamidi Fortress, the focal landmark of Nafplion. Get your camera ready as you will be amazed by both the building and the view. On a hot sunny day, you can choose to explore the city of Nafplion in the afternoon and spend the day on the beach.


View from Palamidi Fortress

3. Corinth

Τhe prefecture of Corinth is one of the most popular holiday destinations of the Peloponnese. Its proximity to Athens - see here how to spend 48 hours in Athens - and the sea makes it a convenient location for longer or shorter getaways. Apart from its coastline, other things worth seeing are the Corinth Canal, which is a usual stop when driving around the region, the ancient Nemea - locate the local wineries in the area of Nemea for a unique wine tasting excursion- and the ancient Corinth. Also, the Acrocorinth is a massive medieval fortress perched 575 meters above the ancient city of Corinth and is considered one of Greece's most important landmarks.


Corinth Canal

4. Ancient Epidaurus

A visit to this historically fascinating and visually stunning ancient relic is definitely a must. As one of the many UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece the ancient Epidaurus beholds a spectacular experience for every visitor. The most impressive and world-famous relic on site is the ancient theatre of Epidaurus.


5. The Ionian Islands

Although they are not located in the Peloponnese, you can easily visit them via the port of Patras on your way back. The Ionian islands are true wonders that welcome hundreds of visitors each year and are famous the world over for their combination of magnificent beaches and verdant nature. Discover the treasures of CorfuLefkada and Kefalonia on a bike or car tour of the Ionian Islands and return home will your camera full of majestic landscapes and your mind full of beautiful images.

Ionian Islands

Assos village in Kefalonia