Travelling By Ferry: A Guide For Ferry First Timers


Travelling by ferry for the first time? Find below useful information to organize your trip and start your vacation on board!

Are you looking forward to travelling with Minoan Lines to one of our wonderful destinations? We can't blame you!

While counting the days left to your trip why not read some useful information regarding your trip with Minoan Lines and how you can spend your time wisely on-board?

Table of Contents:

5 FAQs regarding your trip with Minoan Lines

How long before I travel should I arrive at the port of departure?

If you are travelling on the Adriatic Line (Greece - Italy), you must be at the port agencies for check-in at least two (2) hours prior to the scheduled time of departure.

If you are travelling on domestic routes (Heraklion - Piraeus, Chania - Piraeus and Heraklion - Cyclades), you must know that boarding starts 3 hours prior to departure

In general, we strongly advise our passengers to be at the port no later than one (1) hour before the scheduled departure time.

How can I get to the port of departure?

You can find the exact GPS location of our central/port agencies here. Select the agency you are looking for and click "View in map".

Alternatively, you can find information on departure ports here:

  • Port of Patras (link)

  • Port of Igoumenitsa (link)

  • Port of Ancona (link)

  • Port of Venice (link)

  • Port of Chania

  • Port of Heraklion (link)

  • Port of Piraeus (link)

Port Agency Map (Departures for Heraklion)

Port Agency Map (departures for Chania)

  • Port of Santorini (link)

  • Port of Paros

  • Port of Ios

  • Port of Mykonos

  • Port of Corfu

Do I need a passport to travel abroad?

Passengers who are citizens of the European Union are not required to present a valid passport for the Adriatic routes (Greece - Italy). However, we suggest you carry with you an identification document at all times.

Passengers from non-EU countries are required to carry a valid passport. For more information, please contact the embassy of the country of your destination.

What happens if departure is cancelled or delayed?

Minoan Lines shall not be responsible for any delay in service or voyage cancellations due to adverse weather conditions or as ordered by the Ministry of Merchantile Marine or by the Port Authorities or for reasons of force majeure.

In this case, tickets can be redeemed at the Central Port Agencies or at the issuing agency upon presentation of the ticket being intact.

Passengers who are already on board must ensure that they have collected the ticket slip kept during check-in at the vessel’s Front Office, before disembarking.

How can I convert a ticket into an open-date ticket and how long does it last for?

To convert your ticket into an open-date ticket you should contact one of the following agencies, before the vessel's departure:

  • the agent who issued your ticket
  • the central agency
  • Minoan Lines' port agency

If the reservation has been made through www.minoan.gr, please email us at internet@minoan.gr with the reservation number and a request to turn your ticket into an open-date ticket.

The open-date tickets are valid for one year from the date of departure, if there is a departure date shown. If there is no departure date, open-date tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue.

Take a virtual tour of our vessels prior to boarding!

Are you going to travel with one of Minoan Lines' cruise or catamaran ferries soon? Visit prior to your journey the catamaran SANTORINI PALACE, that operates on the Cyclades Line or the cruise ferry H/S/F KNOSSOS PALACE that operates on the Cretan Line.

At Minoan Lines, our primary goal is to offer our passengers a pleasant and premium experience to help them relax and enjoy their trip. Besides, the trip starts... on-board!

If you are planning a trip from Crete (Heraklion) to the most visited islands in the Cyclades (Santorini, Ios, Paros, Mykonos) you will get to enjoy the luxury and speed of travelling with the ultramodern SANTORINI PALACE. In only 2 hours from Heraklion, you can be in Santorini, while Mykonos is only 4 hours away! The comfy lounge areas, the airport seats or the luxurious VIP areas are specially designed to cater to your needs and make sure you really enjoy your trip. You can also enjoy a delicious drink or a snack from the on-board bars and do some shopping at the vessel's shop. Can't wait? Take a virtual tour here.

If you are travelling to Pireaus from Crete or vice versa, in Η/S/F KNOSSOS PALACE you will feel like royalty! The crew will make sure you have everything you need and we suggest you make the most out of the on-board accomodation and enjoy your drink or food as well as a good night's sleep in your cabin. Take a virtual tour of the H/S/F KNOSSOS PALACE here.

5 ways to have fun on-board when travelling to the Cretan, the Cyclades and Adriatic Lines

As T. S. Eliot said "The journey matters, not the destination". At Minoan Lines, we aim to offer our passengers only the best experience! And especially for trips on the Cretan, the Cyclades and Adriatic Lines, it is really important to make yourselves at home as you will be spending quite some time on-board. 

Find below some suggestions on how to spend your time while travelling with one of our vessels and don't forget to relax and enjoy your trip. Plus, you will realise how time flies when you are having fun!

You can spend your time: 

  1. reading a book, which can be purchased from one of our stores
  2. choosing unique gifts for you and your loved ones at the Mall on-board when travelling on the Cretan or Adriatic Lines or at the on-board shop when travelling on the Cyclades Lines
  3. tasting new flavors at the À la Carte or Self-Service restaurants (only on the Cretan or Adriatic Lines)
  4. enjoying the breathtaking view with a drink, coffee or dessert at the Bars or the deck (only on the Cretan or Adriatic Lines)
  5. surfing the Internet via the on-board Wi-Fi (check out the charges at the reception desk on-board)

With the Bonus Club Card, you can enjoy special discounts in the stores, the restaurants and Bars. Plus, you can collect points to redeem on tickets for future trips.

Finally, we hope you found the information above helpful with organizing your upcoming trip with Minoan Lines. We wish you a pleasant trip and we are looking forward to welcoming you on-board one of our vessels soon!