Minoan Lines: A Sustainable Travel Experience


Minoan Lines has a longstanding commitment to protecting the environment with sustainable practices. Continue reading to find out how.

We are constantly innovating toward a more sustainable future, and this dedication can be seen with continuous investments in modern environmentally friendly technology on board our vessels combined with environmentally conscious practices, policies and energy efficiency measures.

The environment is our heritage. Each year, millions of tourists visit Greece to enjoy the clean sea and the ideal Mediterranean climate. However, both the sea and the climate are under threat and cry for SOS. It is up to us all to protect them if we want to bequeath this beauty to the future generations.

Everyone in their own way, relying on their abilities, and all together, we can make the journey of environmental protection a feasible goal.

See below the actions that form Minoan Lines' ecological profile:

The first ecological and environmentally friendly cruise ferries in the Greek passenger shipping sector

Minoan Lines is the first Greek Ferry company that installed exhaust gas cleaning technology (scrubbers) so as to fully comply with the new international regulations on emissions, from the early start of 2019 (2020 IMO Fuel Sulphur Regulation).

We took seriously the global quest for reducing emissions and we acted proactively investing on new eco-friendly technology to reduce fleet Co2 footprint and in general to improve Greek coastal green records.

The cruise ferries H / S / F KNOSSOS PALACE, H / S / F FESTOS PALACE and H / S / F MYKONOS PALACE connect Heraklion and Chania with Piraeus daily, with direct routes and are the first ships to have installed the new green exhaust purification technology.

Installation of exhaust gas cleaning equipment (SCRUBBERS)

The installation of SCRUBBERS is aimed at converting the fleet's ships into more environmentally friendly vessels by reducing pollutants.


"In particular, the use of scrubbers will not only lead to the harmonization but will also enable the eradication of almost all the harmful air pollutant emissions from our vessels eliminating 97-98% of Sulphur oxides and 80-85% of particulate matter."


Minoan Lines has been distinguished with a GOLD Award for the reduction of the energy footprint of the company's vessels and the protection of the environment, in the category "Sustainability Category" for the company’s practices and the rational management of energy consumed by its vessels.

Minoan Lines emphasizes on energy management 

As part of the company's environmental protection actions, we have adapted to the requirements of MARPOL and the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan, which came into force on 01/01/2013. Additionally, we have invested in technological solutions and innovative ways of improving the energy efficiency of our fleet.

10 + 1 environmental actions

  • We use environmentally friendly consumables, spare parts and equipment.
  • We implement recycling in a variety of ways, working with leading solid and liquid waste management companies.
  • We comply voluntarily with the Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015, for which we are inspected annually by the RINA Register of Shipping.
  • We monitor the environmental performance of our ships through the CO2 and COx emissions, energy consumption and water use indicators for proper management, pollution prevention and waste reduction.
  • We design low-speed itineraries to ensure fuel savings and reduced emissions.
  • During each ship's stay at the port, the fuels used contain minimal sulfur (marine sulfur gas).
  • We participate in the European research program POSEIDON MED, aiming at exploring and designing the legislative framework and the conditions of use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a marine fuel in the Eastern Mediterranean basin.
  • Our offices and agencies operate according to our philosophy to protect our fragile, natural environment.
  • Crew members and land-based personnel are constantly trained to promote environmental conscious practices.
  • Plastic straws have been replaced with eco-friendly, biodegradable straws and used on board the bars and restaurants (Self-Service & A la Carte), as well as our central offices and agencies. Paper bags are used on the stores on board our ships.
  • We are working closely with our crew to make sure waste is sorted and recycled correctly on board our ships.

Participation in social actions

  • We participate in a research project of HCMR for the study of the aquatic environment.
  • We are members of HELMEPA, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association.
  • We participate in a plethora of voluntary actions such as beach cleaning.

Now you know that when travelling with Minoan Lines you enjoy a unique experience, but also a sustainable travel adventure.