Top Things to Do in Chania: Go Offline & Dive Into the Real Experience!


Enjoy your holidays in Chania, a destination that offers authentic, mesmerising experiences.

Each journey is an authentic experience. No matter how many times you have admired Chania through your screen, nothing compares to the feeling you will experience once you visit them.

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Once there, you will have all the “oomph” you need to discover their well-hidden secrets and to find out what makes them truly enchanting. Have a taste.

Dive into the real experience at every corner in Chania!

Iconic Attractions in Chania

Starting your walk from the Maritime Museum toward the Küçük Hasan Mosque (Yalı Camisi), follow the steps of the Minoites, the Venetians, the Turks and the Egyptians who walked these streets before you, and admire the buildings of high architectural value they bequeathed us. The landmark of the Old Town: The Egyptian Lighthouse!

The Egyptian Lighthouse, Chania

For an even more authentic experience, wander around the Old Town’s alleys, let the locals treat you to legends and tasty specialties and continue your trip out of the town. Visit the historic neighbourhood of Chalepa with its imposing mansions, where lived former Greek prime minister Eleftherios Venizelos, the Venizelos Tombs in Akrotiri with their breathtaking view to the town of Chania, and one of the most beautiful villages of Chania, the historic Therisso.

Award-winning Beaches in Chania

Find shelter from the high temperatures at the long coastline of Chania with its famous, exotically beautiful beaches. Balos, with its pink sand and sky-blue sea, Elafonissi, with its shallow waters, a favourite among children and adults, and Falassarna with its pristine waters, will offer you the coolest memories. Moreover, there are more exotic oases in which you can enjoy your swim while maintaining social distancing.

Falasarna Beach, Chania


Food & Fun in Chania

Food and entertainment constitute an inseparable piece of the mosaic of experiences Chania have to offer. Taste delicious dishes prepared from local ingredients, like “Chania boureki” (a pastry filled with courgette, potato and cheese) and “antikristo” lamb (which literally means that it is grilled “across the fire”), made with love and care in Crete, and quench your thirst with a chilled raki.

Agia Marina Beach, Chania

After sunset, enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the beach bars of Agia Marina, and follow the music which will lead you to the bars of the Old Town. The sunrise from the Venetian port will stay forever engraved in your memory.

Authentic Life Experiences in Chania

If you are an adventure lover, the hike in the famous Samaria Gorge, the biggest in Greece, is a lifetime experience you must live.

The Samaria Gorge, Chania

The verdant trail leading to a secluded, heavenly beach, and the virgin natural sceneries create images that you will surely never forget.

Don’t stay online anymore. Go out and dive into the real experience from up close, in every corner of Chania.

Find out about the new travel experience and the health-safety measures in place and book your ticket.

Dive into the real experience in Chania!