5 top beaches in the Cyclades. Dive in!


Can't wait to visit the Cyclades this summer? We know the feeling! Find out the most amazing beaches and where to find them and get the most out of your trip.

The minute you set foot on a Cycladic island prepare to be blown away-literally! The wind will most probably mess up your hair but you won't care because the view in front of you will be unreal. Take a deep breath - the distinct smell of the Cycladic islands is strongly infused with thyme- and prepare yourself to have the time of your life.

The Cyclades are generally known for their picturesque beauty and their gorgeous beaches. In most cases, you'll enjoy dipping your feet into the white, hot sand. The turquoise waters will be your summer oasis when the temperatures reach over 35 degrees and the fact that most of these beaches are organized will mean that you will not have to worry about anything while spending your day at the beach.

One thing you will realise is that choosing which beach to visit can be a difficult task, as each one has its own distinct character. That is why below you'll find one suggestion for each Cycladic island you can visit via our itineraries. Want more? Then don't forget to download our free eBook pocket guide.

1. Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

Probably the most unique beach on the list, the Sarakiniko Beach is the island's most visited spot. The large limestone rocks that surround the beach create an idyllic landscape that is complemented by the turquoise waters. Many describe it as an out-of-this-world experience since it feels like walking and swimming on the moon. You'll have to live it in order to decide!

And that is not all. Hidden somewhere between the large white rocks there is an old mine you can explore.


2. Paraga Beach, Mykonos

Everything about this beach screams vacation! The sunbeds, the strands of sand where you can lay your own towel, the turquoise waters and the summer music beats that keep rising in volume towards the afternoon where the parties begin at the several restaurants on the beach. Besides, one thing you should know about Mykonos is that the day starts in the afternoon.

There you can swim in crystal-clear waters, eat late lunch or an early dinner in one of the restaurants or the tavern located on the beach and party your way through the day as you will be on the islands most beautiful and cosmopolitan beach.


Πηγή: Aerial-motion / Shutterstock.com

3. Mylopotas Beach, Ios

This beach is also very impressive. First of all its coastline is huge and covered with golden sand. The water there is pristine and blue-green in color which means that you probably spend the day swimming. When you want to relax or build up your tan you can either rent an umbrella and sunbed set or lay your towel wherever you want. After swimming, you can discover Ios' local cuisine in the tavernas and cafes located in the area.

If you are curious to find out why Ios is known as "the party island" then stay until late in the evening when the beach parties reach their peak.


4. Perivolos Beach, Santorini

What makes Santorini famous the world-over is its distinct, rough volcanic landscapes. The Perivolos Beach is no exception. This is probably the island's most famous beach, after the Red Beach, because of its dark colored sand that creates an antithesis with the sparkling azure blue waters and tranquil atmosphere. 

You can spend the day enjoying the water, the sand and the amazing views with comfort as the beach is organized and stay till late if you want to participate in the numerous events that take place on this beach. 


5. Kolympithres, Paros

Kolymbithres («basins» or «baptismal fonts» in Greek) is the most famous beach on the island. It is situated on the western part of the Gulf of Naoussa and it derives its name from the impressive granite rocks that were sculpted in various shapes by the waves and the wind. What makes this beach so popular are the series of small sandy beaches that are enclosed between the rocks. 

The marvelous turquoise waters and the golden sand will impress you right away. If you feel peckish after spending a day swimming and sunbathing in your own «basin» you can always visit one of the nearby taverns and restaurants and try the local dishes.