10 kid-friendly beaches in Crete


Sandy beaches, turquoise water and unlimited hours of play under the Greek sun. This is a dream, and you can make it come true by visiting Crete together with your kids.

Crete is ideal for your family’s summer holidays. Because of its geographical position and its benign climate, the water temperature never falls below 15 degrees, making almost all its beaches kid-friendly. But, because it’s your holiday too, we guarantee you that you will also have the time of your life.

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10 kid-friendly beaches in Crete that your kids will not stop thinking about (you can thank us later!)


1. Tsoutsouras beach: The locals know best!

2km of thick sand and crystal-clear water. This combination makes Tsoutsouras beach, located in the southern part of Heraklion, the best place to be during your family vacation.

A small part of the beach is covered with umbrellas and sunbeds, giving you the option to rent them for the day - the rest of the beach is available if you want to set up your own gear. While being there, you will get the chance to meet with the locals, as this beach is one of their favourites. The water has healing properties, so, let the children play and enjoy a natural spa treatment.


Source: cretanbeaches.com

2. Agia Pelagia: Turquoise water ideal for fun and play.

The beach of Agia Pelagia sets the scene for the most amazing day at the beach: golden sand, blue-green water and umbrellas. This hospitable bay is in the northern part of Heraklion and is a rather popular resort. In addition to swimming and relaxation, in Agia Pelagia you can enjoy coffee, food and snacks, as it is surrounded by various shops.

During the evening, you can find plenty of bars offering drinks and cocktails on the beach. Stay until the sun sets and enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage and the amazing view.

Source: cretanbeaches.com

3. Gouves: A paradise made for parents.

Gouves area is in the eastern part of Heraklion. At Gouves you can find several beaches, offering a great number of services. From umbrellas and sunbeds to locker rooms, all the above can come in handy when visiting with children.

The sea there is shallow, the coast is covered with sand and, at some places, you will see that the landscape forms little harbours that offer protection during windy days. For older children, Gouves have one more thing to offer: amazing water sports!

Source: cretanbeaches.com


4. Falasarna: One of the top 10 beaches in Europe.

Falasarna beach is one of the most popular beaches in Chania. Reaching the beach, you will be overwhelmed by the fine golden sand, the crystal-clear water of the sea and the tropical vibes. From there on, you can either sit where the umbrellas and sunbeds are or take your gear and go to the more isolated parts located on the north or the south.

5. Balos: An extraordinary experience!

The lagoon of Balos is a must, even for families with children. Perhaps the easiest way to visit is with one of the boats that leave from the port Kissamos. The car ride includes hiking, which is neither suitable for children nor for parents who carry inflatable toys and beach gear.

Upon arrival, you will understand why it is one of the most photographed places in Crete and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The pink sand, a result of crushed seashells and the turquoise, and the warm and shallow water, form the most amazing natural swimming pool that no one can resist.

6. Agioi Aposoloi: Pine trees and bike rides.

Agioi Apostoloi is also a great beach for a family to visit. It offers a sandy beach, turquoise coloured water, several facilities on the beach and protection from the wind.

If you want to make the most out of your visit, you can see what else Agioi Apostoloi have to offer. You can take a stroll through the pine trees found next to the beach and if you have brought your bikes with you, you can enjoy a bike ride with the whole family. Kids will love it, and you will enjoy it too.

Source: cretanbeaches.com

7. Fragocastelo: A fairytale-like experience!

This beach is in front of the imposing Frangokastello castle. The shallow waters of the sea, the sandy beach and the several amenities, make Frangokastello beach a top choice for families with younger or elder children.

Apart from the scenery, your children will also love the urban legend tied with this beach. According to the myth, the ghosts of the legendary soldiers, Drosoulites, who got killed while defending the castle, appear on the beach every year during the beginning of summer. This will definitely keep them interested.

Source: cretanbeaches.com

8. Elafonissi: One big summer playground.

This place you must visit, because words cannot describe its beauty. The Elafonissi beach lives up to the visitor’s expectations: pink sand, turquoise waters, an extraordinary scenery.

Upon arrival, be prepared, as your children will be amazed. An inviting lagoon that looks like a big water playground will host all their swimming and play.

Tip: Arrive early to make sure that you will find an umbrella to offer you its shadow during your stay.


9. Agia Galini: A large beach perfect for play!

The beach of Agia Galini is in the southern part of Rethymnon. The beach is huge, and this can only mean two things: unlimited space for play and the choice to enjoy your day away from crowds.

The crystal-clear waters make it easy to see the sea bottom, which is filled with pebbles. The waters are cooler because the Platys River empties into the sea. Many bathers find refuge at the coolness of these waters during very hot summer days.


10. Vai: Swimming and playing… under the palm trees.

Leaving Rethymnon behind and heading towards Lasithi, your next stop would be Vai. There, you will be welcomed by a beautiful beach and Europe’s biggest palm tree forest. This is not an experience you have every day!

The beach offers umbrellas and sunbeds, but if you find an empty spot you can lie down and enjoy a power nap under a palm tree.  As for your children, they will get the chance to swim while looking at the most amazing scenery and explore the richness of the sea's bottom with their mask. Finally, Vai beach is an ideal place for watersports.